What is a Thin Client Document Scanner?

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Thin Client Document Scanning

A thin client document scanner is a type of scanner that is designed to be used with a thin client, which is a type of computer that relies on a central server to perform most of its processing and storage tasks. Thin client document scanners are typically used in settings where it is necessary to scan large volumes of documents, such as offices, schools, and government agencies.

Thin client document scanners are connected to the central server through a network connection, and they are controlled remotely by the server. This allows the scanner to be used by multiple users at the same time, and it also enables the scanner to be accessed from any location that has a network connection.

One of the main advantages of using a thin client document scanner is that it can be centrally managed and updated, which makes it easier to maintain and upgrade. Additionally, because the scanner is connected to the central server, it can be used to scan documents directly into the server’s storage system, which can make it easier to store and access the scanned documents.

Overall, thin client document scanners are a convenient and efficient way to scan and manage large volumes of documents in a networked environment.

Thin Client Document Scanning application use only a web-browser so users can easily get work done without any software installation